Djennie laguerre - workshops


Djennie Laguerre offers great workshops and activities to support FSL Teachers.

Je lis, tu lis nous Lisons!

Storytelling: Let Djennie read to your students and see them participate ‘’En Français”. She will read, perform and teach francophone children stories, fables, nursery rhymes, poems and songs from around the world. You can provide the book or she can surprise you with her flavor of the month.

A great activity for kindergarten to grade 4. Duration 40 minutes. Price: $75 + tax.


Je danse, tu danses, nous dansons!

Choose 1 to 3 classes of students and give them 10-15hrs of dance with Djennie and they will have a wonderful Afro-Caribbean choreography to present at your next school show or community event.

A great workshop for grades 3 to 6. Price: $600 + tax.